You can feel it, feel it, feel it.
Trust me you will know.
— Jennifer Fuentes, Afterlife
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About Jen

The Song-filled Road I’ve Traveled . . .

Every one of us is on a journey where we are continuously growing and changing. Jennifer Fuentes has come a long way since her childhood in Homestead, FL where she first took the stage.

Like many children, Jennifer had a passion for performance from a young age. Talent shows, school plays, pageants – she seized every chance she could. After being crowned “Miss Homestead”, Jennifer was proud to become the youngest contestant to ever compete for the Miss Florida crown. It was an experience that set the stage for what was to come next.

From American Idol to Ringmaster of the Greatest Show on Earth!

In 2003, Jennifer’s life and career changed in a way she never would have imagined. That year a little show called “American Idol” discovered Jennifer among the 60,000 hopeful contestants. Her rich voice and warm personality won the judges over, bringing her all the way to the Top 30 Finalists. She was a personal favorite of judge Paula Abdul. Jen still owns a personalized necklace Ms. Abdul gave her, which says “When you wish upon a star you’ll soon become one!”



Jennifer found herself in an extremely large spotlight. She was being featured in major media outlets like the cover of the NY Times & USA Today, People Magazine, YM Magazine, Latina Magazine and Entertainment Weekly. But, the highlight was getting an invite to perform the National Anthem at the most important venue in the country - the White House.

Jennifer joined Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus as the Songstress of the Circus. It was the first time in the history of the circus that a latin woman had been asked to take on such a role. Without hesitation Jennifer stepped into the ring for a U.S. tour as the Songstress of the Circus for The Greatest Show on Earth building a show around her talents as a story teller to follow your dreams in the Circus of Dreams tour of the 136th Edition. Her famous Emmy Award winning designed Circus of Dreams dress is now displayed in a museum!

Jennifer got a real taste of what it’s like to tour and perform around the country. In addition to performing up to 13 shows a week, Jennifer also acted as the ambassador of the Circus. One moment she would be interacting with the young fans and the next she’d be taking on reporters backstage for a news segment.

“I really had the chance to discover myself. It was the most amazing touring life experience that no one could teach in a classroom!”

After honing her live performance skills, it was time for Jennifer to take her singing talents into the studio. Her first country track recording of “Angel Give Me Wings” with producer Brodie Stewart was so well received she was given the opportunity to record a demo CD in Nashville. She was also signed under manager Robert Hayes of Sound Mgt.

Jennifer took a break from Music and became a mother to her beautiful daughter named, June. Which, ultimately brought her to live in Austin, TX. That didn’t stop Jennifer from pursuing and living out her dreams even more for her daughter. She felt nothing was going to stop her from finding her own personal happiness living in the “Live Music Capitol of the World”, as a single mother.


Jennifer has planted her roots…

in this no longer small town of Austin and she is happy to call it her new home away from home. Impressively, holding a 3 night residency for over 5 years at Truluck’s Downtown as a lounge singer. She has logged in over more than her 10,000 hour goal in performance that has helped Jennifer craft a unique sound and voice all her own. Regularly performing at Parker Jazz Club & Private Events on a monthly basis. Also, crowned Ms. Texas, 2016!

Her impressive repertoire, soulful , vibrant, chameleon-like voice and captivating stage presence certainly entertains audiences all sizes.
Blending together her love of Pop, Latin, Blues, Jazz, Country, Rock and Mo-towns, Jennifer sings timeless music by the greats. Jen has created a one-of-a-kind sound that’s unlike anything else in the Live Music Capital of the World.

You can find Jennifer on local billboards or in commercials on TV! Her love of commercial modeling & acting has been another successful career.